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Expert perspectives on managing your career

Hear from these experts at the Women in Media National Conference

The Women in Media Industry Insight Report 2023 shows barriers persist for women working in media, with nearly one-third thinking about leaving their job. The report informs the call for gender equality, pathways for career progress, and access to support and resources, for women working in all roles and types of media.

The annual report is compiled by Women in Media and underpins the organisation’s mission to help women excel, learn, contribute, and connect. It aims to draw attention to crucial issues of importance to women working in media, journalism, communications, production, public relations, advertising, marketing, publishing and digital media.

Irrespective of career stage we can all take stock and plan for how to best tackle issues in our workplace; how we want to grow and where we can step up to seize opportunities.

Women in Media asked experts to share their perspectives and techniques they feel could assist individuals to manage their careers.

Coaching perspective

"Building a successful career starts with you. Despite obstacles, be proactive and own your professional journey."
Lauren Finestone
Lauren Finestone

"Reconnect with what energises you. Shape your narrative. Connect with others. Take bold actions, experiment and sow seeds, because they can become green shoots when you least expect it. Above all, look for the possibilities in challenges and get comfortable with the idea that change represents opportunities you just can’t see...yet,” said Lauren Finestone, co-founder of Nudge Coaching and Consultancy.

Practical actions include:

  1. Understand your strengths and talents. Use them to excel in your current role and find opportunities that align with them.

  2. Stay curious, adaptable and resilient. Embrace change and view job transitions as opportunities for growth, rather than setbacks.

  3. Regularly reassess your career goals to align with your values and passions. Seek out projects that restore a sense of purpose in your work.

  4. Shape your professional narrative to highlight your achievements and skills. Get comfortable adapting your story to different situations and audiences.

  5. Find a coach for support and accountability to create a thriving career.

Nudge Coaching will present a workshop on POWERFUL DECISION-MAKING at the National Conference on September 9, 2023. The workshop will address how to make better decisions and solve tough problems in a rapidly changing media landscape. Learn a few simple but powerful techniques that will change you as a leader and as a person.

Professional visibility perspective

“Challenge yourself to proactively put visibility on the agenda and cultivate a fresh perspective when it comes to showcasing your skills and expertise."

Karen Eck
Karen Eck

"Purpose-driven visibility can help you craft a remarkable success story. As media professionals, you understand the transformative power of developing your own narrative,” said Karen Eck, founder of The Power of Visibility.

Why it matters: Professional visibility opens doors to career-defining opportunities but, for many, stepping into the spotlight isn't easy. Despite the obstacles that women often encounter in the media industry, by leveraging personal strengths and implementing practical strategies it's possible to enhance capability. By doing so, women can be better prepared to say 'yes' when career-shifting experiences come knocking on the door. Visibility is a pathway for success.

Practical actions include:

  1. Be honest with yourself. What holds you back from stepping into the spotlight?

  2. Do a professional brand stocktake – you’ll need a headshot, biography, and personal pitch story. What’s missing?

  3. Find a ‘visibility buddy’ who will help keep you moving forward.

  4. Clear some room – literally! Create space on your desk for your visibility work. I suggest having a physical A4 year-at-a-glance calendar within arm's reach for easy reference and planning.

  5. Allocate time to do a little thinking – take just five minutes each day to think about your visibility. Identify a single crucial task per quarter to prioritise and concentrate on. Take the time to sit with it and reflect. Remember, visibility is rooted in purpose.

Karen Eck will present a workshop on THE POWER OF VISIBILITY at the National Conference on September 8, 2023. The workshop will address how to create career-defining opportunities and avoid killer mistakes when promoting your work. Learn the benefits of a culture where visibility is everyone’s business, including tips to curate personal and professional success at any life stage.

Leadership perspective

“As leaders, our role is to help the people we lead be successful. If they are successful, we will be successful. We set the scene and then enable those around us to deliver it,"

said Bobbi Mahlab AM, founder of Mahlab Media and co-founder of Mentor Walks.

Bobbi Mahlab AM
Bobbi Mahlab AM

Practical actions include:

  1. Always remember that you set the tone.

  2. It is imperative to make time to work on the business. You must give yourself the space to look up at the horizon to know what is important.

  3. Have the hard discussions.

  4. Lead with head and heart.

  5. Ask a lot of questions.

Bobbi Mahlab AM will facilitate a workshop on BREAK-THROUGH IDEAS AND TARGETED CONTENT at the National Conference on September 9, 2023. The workshop will discuss how to create meaningful impact with audience-relevant content. Learn from women who are building connections and businesses from the bush to beauty.


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