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Nominate now for the Relaunch Project

The Relaunch Project is an exclusive series of workshops, mentoring sessions and online training aimed at upskilling talented women in media both professionally and personally to empower them to successfully return to the workforce.

Every nominee will receive an email ‘Invitation to Apply’ for a place on the Relaunch Project 2023 – a joint program by Women in Media and the Google News Initiative.

Once the nominee receives their invitation to apply, they will be asked to complete the application form. Those who get through the initial application screening will then move on to the full selection process.

Do you have someone in mind?


Do you know a woman who would benefit from the Relaunch Project? Nominate them now.

Who should you nominate for the Relaunch Project?

This program will benefit women who have taken a break from their career, often after having children.

Her career break may be recent, she could be currently on maternity leave, or she might have left the workforce some time ago, originally planning to take off “just a few years” until the kids started daycare or school, and somehow the years have flown by and now she’s ready to relaunch her career.

The time she has taken out of her career is not the focus. These women share common ground, seeking to take back their career in journalism and media.

How does it work?

You can help us to identify the most suitable women across the entire industry.

Please note that we support diversity, inclusion and equality in every context and firmly believe that everyone, irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexuality or religion, should have the same opportunity to continue their careers and learning via our program.

Nominations close on Wednesday August 3, 2022.


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