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Our top 21 stories of 2021

As we approach the end of year, it’s timely to look back at our most read stories for the past year.

Relaunch Project to help you return to work

Caroline Jones Award

Brooke Littlewood wins Caroline Jones Award

You’re good at your job

Today’s forecast: It’s raining Jen

How Carla Zampatti pioneered wearable yet cosmopolitan clothes for women

Music, Meaning, and Money

Kellie Riordan wins scholarship

Algorithm helps find ideal mentoring matches

How Annalise got a ‘foot in the door’

Six ways to find a mentor

Using her platform to fight for change

What I learnt from starting a production studio

Breaking the fourth wall

What advice would you give your younger self?

The ‘real prize’ for a regional journalist

Sexism, big hair, contact books

Women on women: Gender bias in the news media

The power of speaking up

Seven inspiring TED Talks

What really makes us happy might surprise you


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