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WiM Bytes: Your Revolution

The Post-COVID media revolution – a guide to data-driven marketing with Stephanie Famolaro.

She will take us through the recent change in trends that we have been seeing across the media landscape in the post-COVID world and help us understand how we can use data-driven decision making to reach our audiences in this new world. As people spend more time at home, away from the office, they are consuming more connected TV, audio such as podcasts and music streaming services and are returning to trusted news sources. Where we go for news, inspiration and distraction is changing in real-time. An extremely useful session for anyone interested in the changing media landscape and understanding how to reach audiences when and where they are consuming media.

Stephanie is a senior executive at The Trade Desk, an advertising technology company. She regularly speaks about the power of data and is an industry advocate for a more transparent media ecosystem. Currently shortlisted as a 2020 Women in Tech, Stephanie is a member of the IAB Video Council and is also a member of the Women in Media NSW Committee.



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Women in Media Bytes is a special online series designed to equip and empower women working in all sectors of the media.


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