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WiM Bytes: Your Wellbeing

The impact of noise in the new COVID working world with Dr Libby Sander and Christine Jackman.

Noise … from our kids, partners, pets, traffic and neighbours. We are facing the noise challenge when adapting to sharing our home and our workspace in the new COVID working world.

Dr Libby Sander and Christine Jackman discuss how noise can affect more than our concentration or ability to do our work but affects our mood and sleep.

These sessions are intended to provide an opportunity for you, the fabulous women of our industry, to stay connected and equip, elevate and empower you at home.


Dr Libby Sander | Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bond University

Dr Libby Sander is an acknowledged expert on the future of work, and a leading authority on the design of the workplace and its influence on thinking, emotion and performance. Dr Libby will guide us through her invaluable tips on juggling working at home and your own wellbeing.

Christine Jackman | Freelance Journalist, Author & Communications Consultant

Christine Jackman began her career as a journalist with The Courier-Mail in Brisbane, Australia, in 1993. She has worked in New York as a foreign correspondent for News Corp, in the Canberra press gallery and as the social issues writer for The Australian. After several years as an award-winning staff writer for The Weekend Australian Magazine, Christine embraced freelance journalism, with features published in Good Weekend, Vogue and The Australian Women’s Weekly. She is also a communications consultant and author of Turning Down the Noise.


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