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5 Questions with Hannah Ferguson

Hannah Ferguson

Q1. What’s the best part of your job?

The people I meet every day. Working alone in media is often daunting, especially without a background in journalism. But since founding Cheek Media, the response and support from people in the industry has been incredible. Networking and friendship building is the best part of my every day.

Q2. What skills have been the most useful in your work?

People underestimate the power of plain language and clear, no-frills communication. My media company has been successful because it meets young women where they are; it speaks to them without talking down to them and makes complex legal and political topics digestible and interesting in a way much of the mainstream media hasn't been able to. My skill is in ensuring people feel like they're learning from a friend and that they are welcome and able to have these hard conversations and ask tough questions.


Q3. Who or what in the media inspires you?

Young women challenging the status quo of the industry; women who are having a go and unafraid to speak their minds and take an entirely different approach. Our willingness to fail, and learn from it, is our greatest asset.


Q4. What’s the most useful advice you’ve had?


Take a break. You’re not going to be rewarded for pushing yourself to burnout. Longevity, quality and balance are ultimately the goals and key to success – not how much writing you produce each day.


Q5. What are you looking forward to?

I'm currently writing my second book and looking forward to being out of the writing trenches and into touring and meeting with readers again. There is nothing more rewarding than speaking to people who have been impacted by my work and are excited to talk about the future of feminism in Australia.



Hannah Ferguson is the CEO of Cheek Media Co., an independent Australian news commentary platform that discusses topics sitting at the intersection of feminist, social and political issues.


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