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From Sunshine State to Sydney: QLD Media Women at the National Conference

QLD Media Women at the 2023 National Conference
QLD Media Women at the 2023 National Conference

Queensland’s Women in Media community certainly knows how to show up, supporting a small group of delegates from the Sunshine State to attend the National Conference in Sydney recently. Assistance with travel costs and expenses was ‘paid forward’ to Stephanie Smail, Rosie Kingsun and Anna Levy, all from Brisbane, as well as Kirsty Nancarrow from Cairns.

Also making the trip were the three Queensland Career Boost recipients for 2023 - Simone Bell, Nance Haxton and Monique Dews. All agreed it was an incredible few days.

Kirsty Nancarrow – Pay It Forward recipient

Steph Smail – Pay It Forward recipient

Emma Pearce, Steph Smail, Melinda Howells
Emma Pearce, Steph Smail, Melinda Howells at the 2023 Women in Media Conference

What an incredible couple of days. The energy in the room was amazing right from the start and I have learnt so much from the impressive panellists. My highlights were the two Hannahs on the Remaking the Rules panel, especially the concept of keeping a clear focus on your audience and your message. As a reporter and presenter Leigh Sales' storytelling tips were a game changer for me; I'm going to put them next to my desk! Bruna and Sally discussing how to drive female narratives in film and TV was incredible too and Karen Eck also gave me lots of food for thought in the Power of Visibility workshop. Thank you, Queensland Women in Media team, for getting me there. It was invaluable for me personally and professionally!

Rosie – Pay It Forward recipient

Also in attendance were the three Queensland Career Boost recipients for 2023 - Simone Bell, Nance Haxton and Monique Dews.

Simone Bell - 2023 Career Boost recipient

Honestly, this may all sound fluffy, but I really enjoyed every minute! It was so well put together, and I’ve already teed up women from my workplace to come along next year, as I know they will really love it! I came away empowered and inspired after being surrounded by such amazing women from all areas of media and comms.

It’s super hard to pick a favourite speaker, as each was so different. Ita was inspiring. She made me want to hear more stories from her media past. I loved Taryn Brumfitt - Embrace has always been one of my favourite documentaries, so it was good to listen to her story. The panellists were all fantastic, each with their own experiences, yet they bounced off each other so well. The opportunity to network was awesome too - I made some great contacts.

Nance Haxton – 2023 Career Boost recipient

Nance Haxton
Nance Haxton (Middle)

I was so excited to be at another Women in Media conference. I’ve been to three up at the Gold Coast but the Sydney one was tops too. Sandra Sully set the tone so well. She gave the weekend that celebratory ‘rallying the troops’ tone that was so needed. To me, what sets Women in Media conferences apart are the workshops and the networking. I’m following up on a couple of amazing women I met in the fabulous speed networking session who I never would have crossed paths with otherwise! And the workshops are practical but fun. Even just milling around the conference in the meal breaks, you’d inevitably chat to another amazing media aficionado and swap encouragement before spilling into another session. There’s a joy and a conviviality at Women in Media gatherings that I really enjoy. Ita’s speech was an absolute highlight - what a warrior. It made me feel there was hope for me yet in this ruthless media landscape.

Thanks for making an old salty journo smile - thrilled with the hope that the young and the old of the profession have it in good hands!


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