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Meet the Relaunch Project leads

Women In Media is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jacinta Rose as the new Co-Project Lead of the Relaunch Project, in partnership with Google News Initiative.

She will be joining Michelle Francis in leading the program into a second year of empowering women to make the most of their media careers.

Jacinta was one of the participants handpicked for the inaugural Relaunch Project.

We asked her to tell us a little bit more about herself and why she was keen to take on this new role after completing the program in June.

Tell us about your media career to date

I’ve always been a storyteller at heart and journalism seemed like a natural step for me.

Relaunch Project co-lead Michelle Francis speaks at te 2022 national conference. Photo: Emma Brasier

I’ve worked in regional radio news, written for online media, and was eventually drawn to the bright lights of Sydney where I worked in public relations and communications, specialising in healthcare.

I’ve been freelancing for a number of years while also studying and working on fiction writing – all of this, of course, “balanced” with raising two wild and funny boys.

Why did you apply to become co-lead of the Relaunch Project?

Firstly, I was so sad when the Relaunch Project came to an end.

Alice Gorman, one of the participants in the inaugural Relaunch Project, shares her experiences with delegates at the 2022 national conference. Photo: Emma Brasier

The Wednesday sessions were a great anchor during the first half of this year that helped me stay focused and gave me a chance to think about what else I could be doing to progress with my work.

Secondly, I love the ethos of the program – helping women get back into media roles.

The industry needs this!

There are too many women with incredible skills and a passion for media who can’t find their way back in or get overlooked for senior roles where the decision-makers sit.

What did you love most about Relaunch?

There were so many great sessions from seizing your energy to personal branding, as well as very personal panel discussions about the universal challenges and joys of being a working mother.

ABC investigative reporter and Melbourne Press Club president Ashlynne McGhee was part of the first Relaunch Project. Photo: Emma Brasier

The highlight, however, has been connecting with the other women on the program – so many of them I already admired and followed their work.

We were all so open and supportive, and it has been a real thrill watching many of them hitting success – in various ways that are personal to them – since Relaunch finished.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

My boys by a long shot!

I am very skilled at dodging Nerf darts!

But I am also a huge reader of fiction and I love being part of the reading and writing community on Instagram, particularly supporting and shouting the praise of our great Aussie female authors.

And now that borders are back open, I’m hoping to get back to some of my favourite places, especially Hawaii and Japan.


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