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WiM Fiji: Paving the Way for Progress in the Pacific Through Advocacy, Mentorship, and Collaboration

It’s less than two years since Women in Media Fiji (WiM Fiji) kicked off, and in this relatively short time, the team has achieved remarkable milestones.

Formed with the objective of fostering networking and mentorship for women in the media industry in Fiji, the organisation has emerged as a powerful advocate for addressing gender inequity.

WiM Fiji 2023 Strategic Planning Retreat
WiM Fiji 2023 Strategic Planning Retreat

Rosi Doviverata, the convenor and co-founder of WiM Fiji, said the group's goal was to create a unified and robust voice for media women to support each other and work together, and with industry, to help create a level playing field for women.

In collaboration with Women in Media Australia and the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS), WiM Fiji recently concluded its inaugural mentoring program, which involved 20 mentees.

The program, combined with online training, aims to empower women in Fiji's media sector to navigate and enhance their careers.

Rosi said the mentoring program was central to WiM Fiji’s mission.

“Fijian women in the industry tell us they want to advance their careers and step up into leadership roles. Through these initiatives, media women are supporting each other to overcome the challenges of working in the Pacific media landscape,”

she said.

WiM Fiji's successful projects and events in the past year have included financial literacy sessions, mental health sessions, informative discussions on journalism and career guidance, advocacy for women affected by climate change, and connecting the Fijiana Drua women's rugby team with female sports journalists nationwide.

Additionally, Rosi and WiM Fiji are helping create a network of female journalists across the Pacific region, sharing support with newly created WiM groups in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Tonga.

WiM Fiji 2023 Strategic Planning Retreat
WiM Fiji 2023 Strategic Planning Retreat

Recently, the group held a two-day retreat to reflect on past successes and establish future goals.

They were joined by Women in Media Australia Board Director, Kathy McLeish.

WiM Board Director, Kathy McLeish speaking at the 2023 Strategic Planning Retreat
WiM Board Director, Kathy McLeish at the 2023 Strategic Planning Retreat in Fiji

“It was an incredible opportunity to share experiences between the two organisations and to understand the challenges for women working in our two different countries,” she said.

“We have a great deal in common, and there’s also a great deal we can learn from each other.”

Kathy also had the chance to chat with mentors and mentees about their experiences in the new mentoring program.

You can read more about WiM in the Pacific here:


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