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10 questions with Tangiora Hinaki

Women in Media recently sat down with Tangiora Hinaki, the CEO of the only indigenous media hub in the Pilbara, Ngaarda Media. She will be speaking at the Women in Media National Conference.

What is your current role?

I am the CEO of Ngaarda Media.

How did you get into journalism?

The Yindjibarndi people invited me to volunteer at Ngaarda Media 15 years ago after I arrived with six children in a bus! From there, I went on to work at ABC Pilbara where I trained as a journalist for eight years.

What professional achievement are you most proud of?

I’m proud of starting at Ngaarda Media as a volunteer and returning eight years later to be its CEO.

I’m proud that we went from 1100 followers to 24,000 followers in six years. I’m proud that we led the national news last year when we broke the story about 7News using the wrong photo in relation to the abductor of Cleo Smith.

I’m proud that we are the only Indigenous media hub in WA that produces a daily news bulletin that is played statewide.

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve encountered?

I’ve had many but if you are talking about my career at Ngaarda Media it would have to be employing and keeping First Nation cadets. It’s a revolving door and we are focused on training local people.

Who has been your biggest mentor and influence for you? 

Many senior journalists from mainstream media have helped me to grow as a journalist and my Elders in Roebourne have been cultural advisors when it comes to reporting on First Nation issues. I am grateful.

What is something no-one knows about you?

My mob knows this about me, but you probably don’t know about me being a member of the Pilbara Motorcycle Sisters and riding a Harley. I am the mother of eight children to the same man (LOL), I just got my HR licence to drive the outside broadcast truck.

How do you wind down after work? 

I wind down after work by walking and listening to an audible book! I also play the guitar, and I love going dancing on the weekend.

What are you reading at the moment?

I am reading Maori Made Easy as I am determined to speak Maori fluently, and a fantasy series by Anthony Ryan.

What does the immediate future hold? 

I’ll be a grandmother for the first time this year in November.

Describe a perfect day in your role

A perfect day is creating news and current affairs that bring change for First Nation people.


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