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2023 Conference workshops revealed

2022 National Conference

We're thrilled to unveil an incredible selection of workshops scheduled for our two-day conference in Sydney. If you’re new to the event, these workshops provide an opportunity to gain new skills and hone your thinking around key topics relevant to the changing media environment.

Day One Conference Workshops

Relaunch your career

Relaunch Your Career

How to reframe, redirect and relaunch your career when you’re feeling stuck, need a change, or are returning from a career break. Hear the lessons, tips and advice that have been shared throughout the Relaunch Project, a program that empowers women to move into the next phase of their career.

Presented by Women in Media Relaunch Project Leads

The Power of Visibility - Karen Eck

The Power of Visibility

Discover how to create career-defining opportunities and avoid killer mistakes when promoting your work. Learn the benefits of a culture where visibility is everyone’s business including tips to curate personal and professional success at whatever life stage you’re at.

Presented by communications strategist, talent manager and publicist Karen Eck.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Storytelling - Renece Brewster

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Storytelling

Explore the current role of AI as a co-creator, of content and its impact. Learn the role AI is playing today as a co-creator of content.

Presented by Renece Brewster CEO & Co-Founder of Visual Domain and Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Australia.

Day Two Conference Workshops

Powerful Decision-making

Powerful Decision-making

Gain valuable insight to make better decisions and solve tough problems in a rapidly changing media landscape. Learn a few simple but powerful techniques that will change you as a leader and as a person.

Presented by Nudge Coaching and Consultancy, leadership and career coaching for women in media.

Social Media Trends and Wellbeing

Social Media Trends and Wellbeing

Unlock valuable techniques for targeting trends and making empowered decisions about your online engagement.

  • Part I - learn which platforms are trending and why

  • Part II - how to use tech tools to manage social media, report online abuse and protect your wellbeing

Breakthrough Ideas and Targeted Content - Georgie Roberton & Sasha Sarago

Breakthrough Ideas and Targeted Content

Learn from women who are building connections and businesses, from the bush to beauty. How to create a meaningful impact with audience-relevant content.

Presented by Georgie Robertson (PR Lead of buyfromthebush and Regional PR) Sasha Kutabah Sarago (Founder of Ascension, Australia's first Indigenous lifestyle magazine)

Workshop availability is limited – register now so you don’t miss out!


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