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A Year of Progress and Powerful Stories from Our Members

Women in Media 2023 Progress

This year, Women in Media has made significant strides in engaging our members. By redesigning our monthly newsletter, and securing funding for commissioned articles, the readership of our newsletter has increased by 20%, reaching nearly 7,000 readers.

Thanks to the support from the Meta Australian News Fund, administered by the Walkley Foundation, we've been able to bring you commissioned content from our talented members. This has allowed us to showcase powerful stories and insightful interviews, reflecting the diverse and dynamic voices within the media landscape. Join us in revisiting the top stories that have defined our progress and shaped our community over the past year.

Published in August, our most-read article, 'Mastering the Freelancing Dilemma' by Jo Stewart, reflects a topic our members were particularly interested in when surveyed earlier this year. In this piece, Jo explores the experiences of many women navigating freelance careers, especially as permanent media employment shrinks and the demand for freelance services grows.

Eva Baxter, Northern Daily Leader
Attendees at the 2022 Launceston Freelance Festival.

We featured stories from regional journalists, like Eva Baxter from the Northern Daily Leader, representing the next generation breaking into our competitive industry.

Additionally, we heard from established media women including Sandra Sully, Karen Eck, and Associate Professor Kathryn Shine, who spoke about the importance of amplifying women's voices and the impact of visibility in a male-dominated space.

Not only did we get to share these stories, but we also had the opportunity to interview leading women in advertising, PR, finance, AI, and other roles within media.

Steph D’Souza, Editor-in-Chief at Company Director Magazine
Steph D’Souza, Editor-in-Chief at Company Director Magazine

In April, we met Steph D’Souza, Editor-in-Chief at Company Director Magazine, who shared insights into collaborating with her team to capture a person's essence or explore complex issues for in-depth features.

PR Director Sarah Johnson, known for spearheading publicity campaigns for shows including MasterChef Australia and The Bachelor, highlighted female leaders who inspire her, and the invaluable advice of communications legend Maria Farmer.

Deanne Weir, Chair of ASX-listed Ai-Media Technologies Limited, and co-founder of Storyd Group, shared her experiences working across production, communications, and technology sectors, and Mariam Veiszadeh, CEO of Media Diversity, opened up about her transition from corporate lawyer to media executive in pursuit of representation in the media landscape.

Throughout the year, we enjoyed getting to know more women and exploring their inspirations and the passion they have for their industry and work. You can find all the interviews here.

Is there a topic we missed? Know a trailblazer, or someone making a quiet impact we should interview? Maybe you have a compelling story about your experiences with gender equality, overcoming career obstacles, or a fresh perspective on women and media. We'd love to hear from you. Send in your submissions, and let's keep the conversation going!

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