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Championing connections at the Women in Media Conference

Women in Media Conference 2022

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the media industry, the power of connections cannot be overstated. Imagine being in a room filled with like-minded professionals, each with their own unique stories, experiences, and expertise. This is the essence of the Women in Media Conference­­a gathering that goes beyond its surface-level purpose and transforms into a hub of opportunities and lasting professional relationships.

Opportunities Abound

Networking isn't just a buzzword; it's a gateway to opportunities you might never have encountered otherwise. At the Women in Media Conference, the diverse range of attendees spans across different sectors of the media worldfrom journalism and broadcasting to public relations and digital marketing. Engaging with fellow attendees and speakers can lead to unexpected collaborations, partnerships, and even job offers. Immerse yourself at this year’s conference, breakfast begins with Australian media icons, Ita Buttrose AC OBE and Sandra Sully, then hear from Taryn Brumfitt, the 2023 Australian of the Year, and that’s just the start. The conference acts as a microcosm of the industry, allowing you to explore avenues you may not have considered before.

Learning Beyond Sessions

While the conference sessions and panels are undoubtedly insightful, some of the most valuable exchanges can happen during the informal conversations. Whether you're striking up a chat during a coffee break or participating in a workshop, these interactions provide a platform to delve deeper into discussions, ask questions, and gain insights from those who have navigated similar (or totally different) career paths. These interactions foster a continuous learning environment that extends far beyond the confines of the conference itself.

Women in Media Conference 2022

Building Lasting Relationships

Networking extends far beyond exchanging business cards and LinkedIn connections; it's about cultivating relationships that can stand the test of time. The Women in Media Conference offers an environment where you can connect with mentors, peers, and potential collaborators who share your passion. These connections can provide mentorship, guidance, and a supportive community that fuels your professional growth. Remember, the conference is just the beginning­­the relationships you form have the potential to become lifelong friendships or collaborations. (If you attended last year, your friendship goals would have definitely changed to emulate the camaraderie of Leigh Sales and Lisa Millar.)

Empowerment Through Shared Stories

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Women in Media Conference is the opportunity to hear stories from accomplished women who have overcome challenges and risen to the top of their fields. Last year, Dorothy Byrne, former Head of News and Current Affairs at Channel 4 Television, inspired us with her declaration, 'Why would I have imposter syndrome? I’m the real deal.' This presentation, coupled with the Champions of Change panel featuring Virginia Tapscott, Naomi Moran, and Adele Ferguson, served as a potent reminder that success can be attained through perseverance and determination. This collective narrative not only validates our own personal journeys but also empowers us to overcome obstacles and keep pushing forward. And this year’s Changemaker in Action session with Taryn Brumfitt is set to inspire us all, as she shares her story and the importance of body acceptance and self-compassion in the media ‘in-conversation’ with Natalie Barr.

Women in Media Conference 2022

The Women in Media Conference is not just a place to attend sessions and gather information—it's a platform that unlocks doors to fresh opportunities, nurtures enduring professional connections, and fosters meaningful friendships. By embracing the power of networking, you're not only enriching your own career journey but also contributing to the collective growth of the industry. So, when you attend the conference, remember that the person you strike up a conversation with could be the key to your next big breakthrough.

View the program for the full list of speakers and sessions.


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