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Mentoring program can be life-changing

Women in Media’s mentoring program can “help change your job, or how you do it, change your pay packet and your life”, according to program co-ordinator Cathie Schnitzerling.

Using an innovative, science-based algorithm developed by Brancher, 44 mentors and mentees have been matched across the country this year.

“Having a mentor gives the opportunity, or permission, to explore what it really is you want from your career,” she said.

“Too often we get caught up in the busy-ness of work, family and friends to take the time to consider why you chose your job, what you want to get from it, where you want to go with it and even whether it remains the right job for you.”

She said the mentoring program was a “brilliant road map to guide you to your next step in your career”.

“This program provides the professional development resources for the mentee and mentor to work together to explore the mentee’s career aspirations and direction,” she said.

“Working through the modules and spending time with your mentor takes just a couple of hours a month. 

“When you’ve already invested as much time and effort in your career already, this is time well spent to determine your next steps, and give you the confidence to take them.

“Having someone, who’s been matched to you based on your values, as a sounding board to help build your career, is so rewarding. 

“It can change your life.”

If you applied for the program, keep an eye on your inbox.


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