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Perseverance and a love of leadership help boost career of Jodie Gunders

Senior journalist Jodie Gunders has already carved out an impressive career run sheet including as a teacher, consultant, rural reporter, executive producer and trainee adviser.

Thankfully, standing still or accepting knockbacks aren’t on the list.

Narrowly missing out on the Women in Media Queensland $5000 Career Boost Scholarship the first time she applied, her perseverance – and exceptional application – has paid off.

She will use her scholarship award to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Business at the University of Southern Queensland.

Learn more about the worthy recipient of the 2022 Women in Media Queensland Career Boost Scholarship.

Why did you apply?

I’ve been in a leadership position for a few years and last year I also began working as an adviser to the ABC’s fantastic and diverse cohort of trainees.

I want to continue to develop my leadership capacity, and I really felt that formal study was a great option at this stage of my career.

This scholarship will support my study and also allow me to give back through what I learn.

It’s so rewarding to be able to mentor early career reporters to step into the next stages of their careers.

Over my career, I’ve had amazing women build me up and I want to do the same for others.

What do you hope to achieve?

I’ve chosen a course of study within the Graduate Certificate of Business that’s particularly aligned with my interest in developing and championing diversity and building inclusive workplaces.

I want to use the leadership and mentoring skills developed through my studies to boost the careers of women in journalism.

I hope it will also underpin the skills I need to move into more senior leadership positions.

How will you share with other women in media so they can benefit as well?

I’m really excited to partner with Women in Media Queensland to share knowledge, mentor and write in support of women in media.

I’m also keen to use the project unit of my study to explore diversity in the media and ways to overcome roadblocks that prevent women from diverse backgrounds from participating in the media, particularly in leadership positions.

Can you describe a career move that was life-changing?

Seven years ago, I’d been out of journalism for a few years and happily working at a university and as a teacher.

An old colleague called out of the blue and asked if I’d be interested in returning to the ABC as her job share partner.

Both mums with young kids, we had a great partnership as rural reporters that continues today in our newer roles of Country Hour presenter and EP, Rural.

We were – and continue to be – supported by our managers as working parents and even able to move our roles to Toowoomba.

I’ve never regretted returning to journalism and I’m also grateful for the career break that made me appreciate this next phase all the more!

What is your life motto?

Treat others the way you’d like them to treat you. Simple but wise words to live by.

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