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Six executive coaching scholarship recipients announced

Congratulations to the six recipients of the Women in Media Executive Coaching Scholarships provided pro bono by leadership coaching firm Nudge. From a competitive pool of applicants, a shortlisting process, including interviews, landed six women a spot in the program. Participants will each receive six, one-on-one, online coaching sessions over the next four to five months. The program aims to assist individuals to realise their full potential, expand their thinking, and find new ways of working.

This program is a direct outcome of the findings within the inaugural Women in Media Industry Insight Report 2022 which informs the call for gender equality, pathways for career progress, and access to support and resources for women working in all roles and types of media.

The report flagged actions for employers, but Women in Media also wants to ensure we are supporting and providing our members with opportunities to address these career concerns.

The survey of women working in a range of media roles across Australia found that 56% of women were dissatisfied or unsure about how to advance their careers.

To help women progress in their careers, we are partnering with Nudge Coaching to offer Women in Media members the opportunity to participate in free leadership coaching.

You can learn more about the program here.

The recipients are:

Jessica Tancred

VIC, Media Manager, Coles

Clare Armstrong

ACT, National Political Editor, News Corp Australia

Beth Wallis

VIC AFL Studios Director of Development

Margaret de Silva

QLD, Communication Manager, Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences

Cathy Bryson

VIC, Transitioning from CEO, Melbourne Press Club to Owner/Founder Life Mastery LinkedIn

Melinda Howells

QLD, Regional Content Producer, ABC News Queensland


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