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Women in media share their insights on the industry

The Women in Media Industry Insight Report 2022 captures the concerns of women working in the sector and their proposals to deliver a better deal.

That message has been delivered via newspapers, online sites, and radio stations across the country.

Read the coverage and download the report.


The Australian

Gender inequality is a major concern among women working in Australia’s media industry

Financial Review

Veteran TV producer’s warning over ‘female brain drain’ in media

ABC NewsRadio

Media sector urged to improve gender equality

Women’s Agenda

Women in media face a big pay gap, high workloads and lack of career progress


Women in media call for gender audits as industry pay gap exceeds national average

Ad News

Women in Media want gender pay audits

Ad News

Why media careers stagnate for women

B&T Magazine

Report: 56% of women in Australian media are dissatisfied with the progress of their careers

If Magazine

Women in Media call for gender pay audits, mentoring and training

The Guardian

Gender Reveal


@WIM_Aus has released the inaugural Women in Media Industry Insight Report 2022 today. The survey highlights an opportunity for transparency and programs that address systemic gender inequity within the media industry. Read the report here: — WGEA (@WGEAgency) August 15, 2022

A new report from @WIM_Aus shows a big pay gap, high workloads and lack of career progression for women in media. More than one in two women working in media in Australia think the industry has weak gender equality commitment. — Women's Agenda (@WomensAgenda) August 15, 2022

What can be done? Experts say: 💸 Pay transparency 🤝 Better training and mentoring to help retain and promote women. — ChiefExecutiveWomen (@CEWAus) August 15, 2022

With a gender pay gap above the national average, 84% of women in the Australian media industry are calling for their organisations to implement gender pay audits, a @WIM_Aus study has found. — Mumbrella News (@Mumbrellanews) August 15, 2022

The vast majority of respondents to a @WIM_Aus survey have called for gender pay audits, with this seen as the most pressing issue the industry needs to address — IF magazine (@insidefilm) August 15, 2022

Data collected by advocacy group @WIM_Aus revealed more than half of women working in the industry rated its commitment to gender equality as “weak”, warning this created a barrier to career advancement. — Media Diversity AU (@MediaDiverseAU) August 15, 2022

Important survey and opportunity to discuss why media does a great job reporting on gender inequity but not so good on addressing the barriers in the sector @ABCNewsRadio — Catherine Fox AM (@corporatefox) August 15, 2022

“Heavy workloads, unclear pathways & #genderpaygap larger than national average are hindering women’s career progress in media organisations &could result in “female brain drain” from the industry, new @WIM_Aus research shows @corporatefox @Anita_Jacoby — sam mostyn (@sammostyn) August 14, 2022

Gender pay audits are needed to redress the entrenched gender pay gaps in Australia’s media. This report by @WIM_Aus finds that more than half of respondents were dissatisfied or unsure about how to advance their careers.#MEAAmedia — MEAA (@withMEAA) August 16, 2022

Important research by @WIM_Aus @WiMVic showing that we need to do much more to support and empower Women in the Media Industry into Leadership positions to prevent a Female brain drain – we need the opposite – more Women at the top.#FemaleLeadershipFTW#FutureisFeminist — Julian Kendall (@jkmccrann) August 16, 2022

See all the findings of @WIM_Aus's inaugural Industry Insight Report 2022 online here: — Walkley Foundation (@walkleys) August 18, 2022


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