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Renowned Investigative Journalist Kate McClymont AM to Deliver Inaugural Women in Media Oration Dinner Honouring Caroline Jones AO

Kate McClymont

The inaugural Women in Media Oration Dinner Honouring Caroline Jones AO is set to take place on Thursday evening, August 8, in Sydney, celebrating the influential legacy of media icon Caroline Jones AO.

Kate McClymont, a ten-time Walkley Award winner celebrated for her groundbreaking investigative journalism, will deliver the Oration at this prestigious gala event. An industry trailblazer, McClymont's speech promises to be both rousing and insightful, reflecting her dynamic perspective on the media landscape.

The Women In Media Oration Dinner Honouring Caroline Jones AO will foster intellectual discourse, inspire positive change for gender equity, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Women in Media, a registered not-for-profit charity supports women working in all facets of the media and through events like this, aims to improve diversity, equality, and inclusion for all women in the industry.

Anita Jacoby AM, distinguished television producer, media executive, and co-chair of Women in Media, expressed enthusiasm for McClymont's participation, saying, "Kate McClymont AM epitomises journalistic excellence. Her forthcoming speech at the inaugural Women in Media Oration Dinner Honouring Caroline Jones AO is sure to captivate us all.”


She is an unparalleled storyteller whose candid voice and clever wit will make for a special evening,”

she added.


Kate McClymont's illustrious career began as a cadet at The Sydney Morning Herald in 1985. Her fearless investigative work, which includes uncovering corruption in politics, trade unions, sport, and horse racing, has earned her accolades – despite multiple threats to her safety. McClymont's groundbreaking reporting on the Canterbury Bulldogs' salary-cap breaches led to a Gold Walkley Award in 2002 and contributed to the conviction of corrupt former Labor MP Eddie Obeid.


The gala dinner and Oration will celebrate Caroline Jones AO's profound impact as a mentor and leader within the media industry. As Women in Media's inaugural patron, Caroline Jones AO's unwavering support for women in media has left an indelible mark.

2024 Women in Media Oration

The inaugural Women in Media Oration Dinner Honouring Caroline Jones AO celebrates a trailblazer of the industry, mentor to many, and much-loved leader. As Women in Media’s patron for many years, Caroline Jones AO's support for all women working across the media industry was beyond compare. Renowned investigative journalist Kate McClymont AM will deliver the inaugural Women in Media Oration Dinner Honouring Caroline Jones AO on Thursday, August 8, in Sydney. It is a must-attend evening for senior executives in the media and government landscapes. Information and purchase tickets here: 

About Kate McClymont AM

Kate McClymont is an investigative journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald. She is a 10-time Walkley Award winner, including the Gold Walkley for her coverage of the Bulldogs salary cap rorts. 

She was named the 2012 NSW Journalist of the Year for her investigations into the fraudulent activities of Michael Williamson, the head of the Health Services Union and the business activities of former NSW Labor minister, Eddie Obeid.

McClymont is also the recipient of numerous other awards including eight Kennedy Awards, the Australian Shareholders’ Association award for excellence in financial reporting (1992), The NSW’s Law Society’s Golden Quill award for excellence in legal reporting (1990 and 1992), Australian Racing Writer of the Year (1995), Australian Sports Commission Media Award (2002). She also won the 2012 George Munster Award for Independent Journalism.

In 2017 she was inducted into the Media Hall of Fame for her contribution to the industry.

With her colleague Linton Besser, she has published He Who Must Be Obeid, which chronicles corruption in NSW.

Her second book Dead Man Walking detailed the murder of Michael McGurk and other murky dealings of colourful Sydney business identities.


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