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The Uluru Statement from the Heart

Statement from the Women in Media Board of Directors

Women in Media's mission is to empower media women, enabling them to excel, learn, contribute, and connect within the industry.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart aligns with our commitment to advancing gender equality, fostering leadership, enhancing economic participation opportunities for all women, and cultivating a safer and more respectful workplace culture in Australia.

By embracing the Statement’s call for Voice, Treaty, and Truth-telling, Australia will demonstrate significant and practical progress toward genuine reconciliation.

The Women in Media Board supports advancing the Statement from the Heart through promoting respectful dialogue and supporting a free press and robust public interest journalism.

It is important to acknowledge that within our diverse membership there may be varying views on nationally significant issues. This includes on the Australian Government’s forthcoming referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Women in Media will not be telling members how to vote during the referendum campaign as every voting Australian must determine their own position. But we support the national conversation on establishing a Voice to Parliament and the discussion around the Uluru Statement from the Heart.


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